Internship RE-placement picture

That's a picture from an interview we had today.  The woman on the right is our student Yukiyo, the person on the left is the interviewer - he owns and operates an insurance and real estate firm near downtown Vancouver in the Kitsilano neighbourhood.  They have an amazing view from their office - which you can see part of in the picture.

This is Yukiyo's second placement.  Her first placement began 2 weeks ago.  It was an interesting office administration and marketing / merchandising thing with a fashion house in downtown Vancouver.  Unfortunately it quickly turned out that the host needed her for more hands on fashion work like ironing, sewing and designing.  That's great work for a fashion student, but not quite what we had been expecting.

We met with the student on Friday and asked her how she felt about the work.  After talking it over with her, we decided to offer her a new placement.  Yukiyo's goal was to improve her professional English in a business environment - and we felt that was best accomplished elsewhere.  So we pulled her from her old internship on Friday, let her relax on Monday, interview this morning (Tuesday), and start work this afternoon.

In her new placement she will be assisting office staff in their day to day duties, providing reception relief and helping orgainze their training sessions for new insurance brokers.