New Canadian Youth Mobility Visas for: Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Hungary

It's been a while since we posted something on all the new work permits open to Europeans interested in coming to Canada.  There are quite a few new ones. Since last year, Youth Mobility or 'International Exchange Canada' visas have been opened up to citizens of Spain, Hong Kong, and Malta.  New ones were negotiated with Estonia and Lithuania, and agreements are scheduled soon with Slovakia and Hungary.

Visit our visa page and you can find more specific information on all of these visas, including requirements and placement options.  For now here's the press release from International Affairs with a few more details:

Scott Heatherington, Ambassador of Canada to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, today signed an agreement with Lithuania under Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s International Youth Programs. Under this agreement, qualified Canadian and Lithuanian youths between the ages of 18 and 35 will be able to travel and work in each other’s country for up to a year.

“This agreement will facilitate youth exchanges by making it easier for Canadian and Lithuanian youths to travel and work in each other’s country,” said Minister Cannon. “Such exchanges will not only give the participating youths a competitive edge in the job market, but also promote greater cooperation between Canada and Lithuania.”

The agreement was signed in Vilnius by Ambassador Heatherington and Donatas Jankauskas, Lithuania’s Minister of Social Security and Labour. It will be tabled in Canada’s Parliament in the coming months and implemented next year.

Canada currently has bilateral arrangements on youth mobility in effect with 20 countries. Two more were signed with Spain and Slovenia in March and October, respectively, and will likely be implemented in 2010. Similar agreements are expected in the coming months with Hong Kong, Estonia, Slovakia and Hungary.