Company changes

A bit of housekeeping here at VI.  For the longest time we've had to explain to people again and again, why our company name is different from our operating name.  Our official company name is - or rather, 'was' - St Kits Work and Travel.  There's a long explanation for why, and also for what the name means.  But I'll spare you that, as I never intend to tell that story again in my life. We've simplified and have just finished off the paperwork to change our company name.  We are now officially - Vancouver Internships Work and Travel Providers.

A couple other changes too:

We've moved.  Gone is our Pender Street office.  We've moved on up to Granville Street, to a deluxe office in the sky.  I don't think many people will get that reference (it's from a tv show theme song).  Beside the point though - we're now located in a bright office on the 9th floor of 470 Granville Street.  We're in office 917.

Another change - last one, for now, I swear.  If you drop by the office, you'll find it slightly more crowded than normal. The reason?  We've brought on an intern.  His name is Julian - and he'll be writing something on the blog soon to introduce himself.  Julian is helping out on our big engineering program - the one we're running in partnership with BCIT.  He'll be helping us out with candidate vetting, and with presentations to companies.  Part of his job will be designing a new password protected website for host companies to view upcoming interns.  It's kind of cool - each intern will have an online profile, portfolio, resume and video interview.  Hosts will go through the site and tic on the ones they want to meet.

Right then - back to business.  Busiest month ever.