Internship Picture of the day - Human Resources

Julian and Christy from our office dropped by on Sarah today.  Sarah's an Inlingua student, currently doing an internship in Human Resources.  She had a choice of host companies and decided to work with a mid-sized general recruitment firm downtown.  Here's a bit from her latest report back to us:

On Monday I can attend the weekly meeting, in this meeting we discuss everything what was going on during the last week and what will be the work for this week.  I am doing researches to provide the recruiters.  Also I did some administrative work, like answering the phone, talking to clients at the front desk, sending letters.  My host supervisor let my join some interviews he has to do with clients.  In my opinion are the interviews very interesting. So I can train my listening skills, by listening to native English speakers. Additionally I get a pretty good impression how interviews are going.  At the moment I really feel happy with my placement and I am glad you were able to place me in this company.