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917 - 470 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5


Experience Education manages the coop, practicum, and internship programs for schools in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.


What's the casual work experience program really like?


The CWE is our smallest program and it's not something we focus on too often on the blog.  But there are a decent number of students in that program - all coming from the language schools.  The schools sometimes call it a co-op or working holiday program, basically - it's a practical work term placement in the hospitality industry.  We have students placed all over the city right now in lots of different positions. The last few weeks we've been asking some of our students on placement to tell us about their jobs and what they do.  Here's some of what they wrote in their reports back to us:

Mitsuo from Japan - Ricky's Restaurant [ Kitchen helper]

Please describe your daily work duties: I clear and clean the tables. I prepare the knives and forks. I pass the menu. I sweep up the floor and mop the floor.

What is the most interesting part of your work: I can talk with many people in English.

Nika from Taiwan - Starbucks [food prep]

Please describe your daily work duties: Filled up cream and milk, cleaned counter, dumped garbage, kept store clean, helped colleagues whenever they need a help, sampled and displayed products

What kind of training did you receive at your work: watched a video which showed everything we should know about before start working.(like what's a safe work environment and what's a good customer service and so on.)

What's the most interesting part of your work: To see lot's of people from different country and some special events or performances come with festivals.

Ricardo from Spain - Cafe Crepe [food prep]

Please describe your daily work duties: Prepare the coffes and beverages, help in the cash machine, make pizzas, paninis, salads and other foods that my company sells, at the end of my shift when closing, clean up the store.

What kind of training did you receive at your work: they are teaching me and training me on how to make a good crepe, i have been memorizing the recipies to make them good, people in there is very friendly and kind.

What is the most difficult part of your work: the schedule that i have to follow at work, it changes every week and you never know what to expect, sometimes opening shifts, sometimes closing shifts or even middle day shifts. every week it changes but it is not an inconvinient i just deal with it.

What is the most interesting part of your work: practice my English, improve it everyday at work, and feel the commitment of working in an important company in a foreign country.

Alejandra from Mexico - Starbucks [barista]

Please describe your daily work duties: I have to be a cashier and a barista (make coffees), as well as I have to check everything in the store for example: the products, the milks and clean.

Did you meet your goals for your work term in Canada: I got goals because first when I started work there I didn't know anything about the job but little by little I learn and know I'm really happy because I know everything and I have a really with experience.

What was the most interesting part of your work: The experience I learned many thing in that job, also the relation with people and communication with them and my partners in the job.

What was your relationship like with your co-workers: Is very good they are so friendly with me always we are talking about something I never had a problem with them, and they helped when I had some problem or doubt.