I met with our lawyers yesterday and am posting this notice on their advice.  I met with them concerning a serious case of copyright infringement by one of our competitors, Step West.  Step West is a firm which describes itself as an internship and working holiday programs provider. Late last week we discovered that Step West had stolen the content from our website - - and had posted it on their website in order to represent it as their own.  Vancouver Internships Work and Travel Providers are Canada's Internship Experts, with the best programs and services in the market - it's natural that if they were to steal materials from anyone, it would have to be us.  They took everything from program names, descriptions, to FAQs and requirements.

With the assistance of our lawyers and the helpful people at Netfirms, we were able to force StepWest to remove the materials from their site.

However, we are concerned that our copyrighted-materials may have been disseminated in other forms, for example in brochures or manuals, or application forms, or emails etc...  And that is the purpose of this notice.  We are not asserting that this has been done, but in the event that it has, and you as a student, a host company, or a school are in the possession of any of these materials then please be advised that these are Vancouver Internships materials.  The programs described are Vancouver Internships programs and the services are Vancouver Internships services.  If you wish to participate in the programs described in those materials then please contact us directly and we would be happy to assist you.

To check and see if you are in possession of pirated Vancouver Internships materials, please visit our students website here: and our schools and agents website here: