Picture of the day: touring factories with our university friends

Warm sunny day here in Vancouver today.  The perfect day to spend in an industrial area touring factories.  Kidding - it wasn't all that bad, and right after I finish this blog post I'm heading to 2nd beach in the West End - about 20 minutes walk from the office, where I plan to sit under a palm tree and drink something with rum in it.

Anyhow, our good friends from UBC brought along a guest today from Chung Ang University in Korea.  We, UBC, and BCIT are partnering with universities such as Chun Ang to offer an engineering exchange program.  This program will involve 8 weeks of intensive and hands on studies at BCIT, followed by an 8-week engineering internship arranged by us.

Unfortunately this program isn't open to the general public.  It's exclusive to these few Korean universities, and it's rather selective there too - with entrance requiring something like a 3.6 GPA.  However, similar internship-only programs are available to Canadian Students in our Fall Internship Program.

In the picture you can see the people from UBC and Chung Ang on the right.  They're visiting an engineering host company.  The person at the centre with his back to the camera is a project head at the host - and fortunately he speaks fluent Korean, so he was able to explain everything to our guest from Chung Ang.  At the left of the picture is our intern, Burhan.  He's been working with this host the last few weeks.  When he's done, he'll be heading back to Laval University in Quebec to finish his engineering masters.  He's participating in this internship through a school called Language Studies Canada (LSC).

I talked with Burhan a bit, he said that he's been working on an independent project - designing warning lights, or rather configuring signals to warning lights for vehicle engines. It's all rather confounding - I still don't have a perfect grasp of all the engineering fields.

Right then, off to the beach.  This one pictured below to be precise: