Picture of the day: Visiting Hotels in Whistler

Yesterday was the perfect day to visit Whistler, sunny and beautiful.   Although I had to carry my bottle of water with me because the heat was intense. As we can see in the picture, I am holding our company’s brochures after visiting hotels there.  The hotels' staff were very friendly and they had the time to talk with me. I spent 3 hours and a bit walking around Whistler Village, some hotels are easy to find and with others I spent a lot of time trying to find the entrances.

I remember the first hotel that I visited, the front desk manager was so friendly that he told me that his sister “the manager” will be interested in us because they are hiring staff at the moment.  They always sort out the accommodation for the staff at this hotel,  it is one of the few places that has this additional service.

There were more hotels quite excited to hear from us, but they only have job openings in November and December. So we have to wait a little bit to send our students there.

These pictures below, show some hotel exteriors, beautiful landscapes, and also we can see how the  people are enjoying the weather and nature.  Click on the pictures to see them full size.

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