Finance Internship in Vancouver

Intern with the head office of a national securities firm - Learn about high finance, including securities and investments.  Build important technical skills, learn industry-related vocabulary and spend your days in the head office of a Canadian secruities firm.  In this internship, you'll feel like you're in the movie 'Wall Street'.  You'll work in a black banking tower downtown, wear a suit to work each day, conduct investment research and some marketing, you'll learn how to use the all-important Bloomberg terminal and build amazing resume experience.  Your coworkers will all be the best of Vancouver's financial world.  The minimum time for this internship is 6 weeks, but you can work as long as 6 months. To be placed in this internship as a student, you need to be involved in a school program that requires an internship placement.  There is a fee for placement into one of these internships.  This fee includes resume preparation, interview practice, visa assistance, and on-going monitoring. If you are interested in applying - please click here and complete the form.

If you are school looking to offer this work placement to your students, please click here.

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