Social Media Internship Report

That's Juan at the left of the picture.  He's placed at an IT company in the Gastown area of Vancouver.  He was actually in a really enviable position of having to choose between a half dozen internship offers.  He finally settled on this one company because he felt the environment was the best fit for him.

Juan, like all VI internship students, completes regular reports throughout his internships in order to tell us how he's doing and to let us know if he needs any assistance.  Below you'll find an excerpt from Juan's latest internship report:

I'm in charge of the blog posting of the company on a daily basis as well as the text edition of the newsletter and brochures. My daily activities are focused on the marketing area mainly supporting my host company's subsidiary, which main purpose is to work giving solutions to companies based on a Social Media platform.

I've received training on topics as design, marketing and IT. They have allowed me to find solutions for the welfare of the company and the development of the subsidiaries' service. They are aware of my improvement, learning and they have allowed me to acquire more challenging duties.

One of the reasons I do really like my internship is the multicultural environment we have at the office. Our team has different people from different parts of the world: England, Germany, France, Canada, Australia (not pretty sure) and Mexico. For me to share time with people from other countries is completely enriching. What is more is that the environment is so refreshing and even though sometimes there are stressful moments, I really enjoy be part of the team.