Financial Analyst Internship Report

Peeter is a student from one of our partner schools - Inlingua Vancouver.  He's in our Paid Professional Internship program.  This program is for mature students who have several years of work experience and who are looking to do an extended stay in Vancouver in order to improve their English.

Peeter was placed as a financial analyst in green energy - specifically wind power.  Here's an excerpt of his latest internship report to us - it can give you a good idea of what that type of placement is like:

Q: Please describe your daily internship duties.

A: I am responsible financial analysis of wind farm projects. I am preparing different spreadsheets in Excel for valuating the wind farms development project. Trough the Internet I am studding all new material to wind farms developing and constructions questions and also everything that is related renewable energy in general.

Q: Please describe a project you worked on.

A: I worked first part of month with [3rd party name removed - privacy policy] 100 MW wind farm project financial modeling. I did the spreadsheets in Excel for appraisal this wind farms development project to figure out the right price what we can pay when we decided purchase the project. I was looking and found out the different wind generator manufacturer prices and I have made a prices comparison table. I'm working now with [3rd party name removed - privacy policy] 10 MW Wind Farm Financial Projections.

Q: What is the most interesting part of your internship?

A: I think the most interesting part of my Internship is the renewable industry generally and of course the opportunity to participate in some meetings and get new ideas and thoughts. And of course the cases if you want to optimize the tax in Canada for example Flow-Through Share. Some Kind of meetings are very interesting and we have been talking about opportunities to set up new JV Company, together with one Chinese company.

Q: What is the most difficult part of your internship?

A: I think that more difficult for me are the phone meetings and meetings via Skype. We have weekly phone meetings because the company headquarters are in another city. But I find this phone and via Internet meeting experiences can be very useful for me in the future.

Please describe your daily internship duties.