Interview picture of the day - Construction project management

In the unpaid professional / student internship program we can get real specific sometimes.  It's not enough to place someone in finance, no ... it needs to be private banking customer relations.  It's not enough to do architecture, no ... it needs to be specialized in monuments.  And in the above case - it can't just be construction, nope.  It has to be P3 construction project management.  Not that I'm complaining.  We enjoy the challenges here at VI.

The student above interviewed in a couple different companies for construction project management - including the one you see in the picture.  This interview was for a position with a large firm (700+ staff) working with a joint venture subsidiary of theirs (the partner to that venture is a prominent company from the student's home country), which in turn is working on a P3 government project.

We don't know if she passed yet, we'll find that out later today - but even if she didn't she has a great back up waiting for her with another construction firm.