Our Toronto office opens October 4th

Hooray!  After much back and forth and false starts, our Toronto office will be opening this October 4th.  It will be a service office - meaning that it will contain Student Services staff, but administration and placements people will be based out of the Vancouver head office.

Naturally there's one minor obstacle in all this - the name.  VANCOUVER Internships is an odd name for a Toronto placement agency.  We have a way around that - our Toronto operations will be running as CanadianInternships.ca .  They will use our existing CI website and logo:

Besides the new name and the new logo - everything else will be the same and will use re-branded VI materials.  We have already partnered with several local schools in Toronto and our first students there will have their interviews in just a couple weeks.

For more information on CI - please Contact Us here in Vancouver.