International Trade Internships in Vancouver

Work in import and export research for an international trading agency.  This internship host company is looking for interns who can help market Canadian products overseas.  Work in a downtown office tower, with Canada's largest international trading connections agency.  This company helps introduce Canadian companies and products to overseas partners.  The biggest part of their job is looking for foreign companies to partner with.  This is a very focused internship.  You'll work with a product manager to build important business contacts for a specific Canadian firm.  Depending on how long you intern for, you make work in partnership with many different Canadian companies.  The minimum time for this internship is 6 weeks, but you can work as long as 6 months. To be placed in this internship as a student, you need to be involved in a school program that requires an internship placement.  There is a fee for placement into one of these internships.  This fee includes resume preparation, interview practice, visa assistance, and on-going monitoring. If you are interested in applying - please click here and complete the form.

If you are school looking to offer this work placement to your students, please click here.

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