Awesome internship report - business admin

This is an excerpt from the weekly report from one of our students named Luis - he's working with an HR firm downtown.  This is an absolutely awesome report and should give  you a good idea of what a student does during their internship:

Please describe your daily internship duties.

Morning period - Training ( Top Producer), a daily train about recruitment job market.  Training (Max Hire), learn how to use all the internal system tools.  Until noon - Undeliverable email - Resend emails, check if people still have connection with their companies etc...  Afternoon - system database clean-up, adds, etc... Please talk about some of the training and supervision you have received at your host company.

The trainig are good, just with this first week of training I already feel comfortable to use most of the system tools.  Also, the recruiting e-tutor is realy great! It makes me have contact with some specific vocabulary and understood our business base. My supervisor, Kathleen, couldn't be anyone better, she is always ready to help me when I call and also she`s an extremely friendly and kind person.

What is the most interesting part of your internship?

The working enviroment, it`s exactly the way I expected, a serious company with an open way of management, in my first day I had the oportunity to know everyone and partipape in the weekly meeting, was great.

What is the most difficult part of your internship?

The Language! Here I`m in contact with real natural speakers, some of them I still have some dificulties to understand, but that`s a good point, all my english skills improve in a fantastic way each day, it`s difficult but I`m here for this!

Is there anything you would like us to speak to your host about?

That they`re being great for me. Also I truly thank you guys, from Vancouver internships, for all this!

Please describe your daily internship duties.