Information Technology Internships in Vancouver

Intern at a software, web applications, or computer consulting company.  Put your skills and education to use at a cutting edge Canadian web applications, software, or IT consulting firm.  These are three different internships, depending on your skills or education.  Knowledge of IT is an absolute requirement for any of these three internships.  In a web applications internship, you will use your .Net programming experience to build applications that interface with Google, with Facebook, with iPhones, or that run on stand-alone websites.  In software design, you'll put your C++ skills to use working on different types of software for mobile devices.  In systems administration, you will help set up and manager servers, and work on day to day tech support requests.  In all cases you will be closely supervised by a team of young IT professionals. The minimum time for this internship is 4 weeks, but you can work as long as 6 months.

To be placed in this internship as a student, you need to be involved in a school program that requires an internship placement.  There is a fee for placement into one of these internships.  This fee includes resume preparation, interview practice, visa assistance, and on-going monitoring. If you are interested in applying - please click here and complete the form.

If you are school looking to offer this work placement to your students, please click here.

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