Picture of the day: Internship site visit

Mid-way through each internship placement we try and conduct site visits.  The goal of the visits - if we're to be perfectly honest here - is to let host companies and students know that we are still paying attention to them.  In the past we got feedback from host companies worrying that they didn't see us much after the placement started, and we heard from our ESL students that they wanted to have face to face contact to discuss their placements. So below you'll see a picture from one of those site visits, this is Fabiola:

Fabiola is doing a 2-part internship placement - during the mornings she is interning for Canada's largest carbon offsets firm, while in the afternoons she is doing communications for an IT firm specializing in 'social fundraising'.  During the site visit we asked her about her average day at each of these companies, here's what she said (FYI we're paraphrasing this because our notes from the meeting are in point form and we didn't get everything verbatim):

In the mornings I work with the carbon offsets company.  They are really friendly and their office has an amazing view of the city.  When I arrive I check my emails to see if there is anything urgent to do.  After that I do invoices, I organize promotional materials, and assist with general admin duties.  When I'm done those I help out the marketing team, and work on carbon marketing research.

In the afternoons I'm at the IT company.  Of course they are very nice.  I again check my emails, and then I look at the company's blogs and Facebook page to see if there are any comments that need a reply.  I also work on the blogs and do writing there.  I think my English is improving very well, especially my listening and writing.

Fabiola's placement was done as part of our Student Internship Program.