Surprise site visits

Sometimes our students don't complete their internship reports - so naturally we wonder how they are doing.  Yesterday, I went to pay a surprise visit to see some of our students to see how they are doing in their placements. It was a nice day, especially because we had a lot of snow and this is my first time seeing this kind of beauty.  The students that we can see in the pictures, they both are working in Park Royal Mall, one in the north mall and the other one in the south mall. In the first picture we can see Jose Luis, he is Mexican and he works in the south mall in a Japanese restaurant. He loves his job and cooks excellently, I can say that because I tried one dish that he made me.  Luis finished his placement a couple months ago, but his host company gave him a work permit and hired him long term as assistant manager.

The other one student is "Qq", she works in a restaurant outside of the north mall. The environment of this restaurant is amazing. The manager was so friendly with me when I asked her if I could ask the student some questions. Qq seems very happy working there and she is a very good worker. The manager is very happy with her.