Improvements to our placement process

We are innovators.  I guess, I mean we must be - every time we do something new, another company tries to copy it.  That thing you see above - the picture with the blurry bits - that's an innovation of ours.  It's a change in our placement process.

In the past placements were done with a custom search for each student.  It's a successful way of doing it, and we will continue doing it that way.  It's particularly successful for students who are already in Canada.  But in other countries, companies that do what we do, don't do all of their placements that way.

For some - they shop the students out to whole classes of companies and solicit multiple interview options for interns.  So a student, in for example 'culinary arts' - they would have their resume distributed to the entire host list and then the student would be given 4 or 5 interviews, all at once, and would get to choose from the best offers.

We've started up something similar, though as innovators, we've innovated on the theme a bit.  We've created a password protected site for our host companies.  Our list of host companies is now well past 1,000 - so there are at least a 100 for each sector.  Each of these sectors gets their own password protected site where they can view all upcoming students who want to work in their field.  They can download student resumes, view student photos or video interviews, and check on student internship dates etc...  Hover over the student's name and they get a lightbox menu where they can schedule an interview right there on the site.

Each individual element is done by some company somewhere, but as far as I can see - we're the first to integrate it all in one place.  The pilot project has been going for a few weeks - focusing on a few different technical fields, and targeted only at students in need of pre-placement.  So far, we've got 18 interviews arranged through the site.   And it's early days.   But we're happy to see that each of our interns can look forward to choice that they can't find elsewhere.