Notice: Expert Overseas Education & Immigration Consultants in Islamabad

We've been alerted by a student abroad that this firm - Expert Overseas Education & immigration Consultants in Islamabad - has been using our copyrighted materials, and is either passing them off as their own, or attempting to imply a relationship of some kind with our company - Vancouver Internships.  For the record, Vancouver Internships has no contracts with any firms in Pakistan or India, and no relationship with 'Expert Overseas...'.  Additionally, Vancouver Internships does not charge any fees to apply for one of our programs, nor do we source job offers for prospective immigrants. We have sent a warning notice to the website hosting these stolen materials.


We've heard back from the legal team at OLX, the site 'Expert Overseas' had been using.  They've pulled down the stolen materials, and banned 'Expert Overseas' from using their services in the future.

Good to see.  Each time we get one of these copyright problems we get harsher.  The last guy got a heap of warnings before we threatened to have his site pulled.  This guy, forget it, straight to getting the site pulled.  And the next guy?  I don't know exactly, but pretty sure he'll be writing a cheque.