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917 - 470 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5


Experience Education manages the coop, practicum, and internship programs for schools in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.


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Now Hiring: Our Summer 2014 Student Services (HR) Intern


Experience Education is hiring for a summer intern. This position is scheduled to begin on May 5th and end on August 29th. About Us

Experience Education manages internship, practicum, and coop programs for private and public ESL schools, career colleges, and universities. Each year nearly a thousand student placements are managed by EE. Our company has staff in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and New York. This internship is in our office in Vancouver - this is a small, close-knit office with 5 staff-members.

The Internship

You will join our 3-person student services team. There you will help with day to day duties such as:

  • Resume writing
  • Interview preparation
  • Internship site inspections
  • Compliance documentation

You will also help with several summer projects, including:

  • Helping redesign our internship reporting documents
  • Helping create new interview preparation materials (include videos)
  • Writing internship field profiles

You will also have the chance to work on your own related HR project - subject to approval of course.

Learning Opportunities

This internship will give people pursuing an eventual career in HR the opportunity to understand more about candidate selection, drafting job descriptions, conflict resolution best practices, and the legal and regulatory environment for work experience programs.


  • Fluent English - in order to correct resumes
  • Basic IT skills - our office runs on Google Drive
  • An educational background in HR or a related field such as psychology
  • French is not required, but very appreciated


This internship will be done at our office in downtown Vancouver. This will pay $11/hour for 30 hours per week. The internship starts on May 5th, we are accepting applications until April 15th.

How to Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter to contact @ .  In the cover letter please let us know how you feel you would benefit from this internship, and what you would like to accomplish during the summer.




The three rules for creating a great internship


Earlier last month I was interviewed by BC Business Magazine about how to create a great internship program.  In that interview I gave them 3 rules:

Robert Jago, owner and director of Experience Education Internship Providers Inc., an agency that partners with for-profit schools and private universities to manage internship programs, says millennials “need to have a relationship with people at their host company... they need a mentor and they need to have guidance in their work.”

Jago and his team believe that Generation Y works best in a collaborative environment. Forcing interns to work in a silo, he says, is a flawed strategy, adding that businesses looking to create successful intern programs should follow these three steps.

1. Create a Partnership

Interns can’t flourish if left to their own devices, so make sure there’s someone in the company who can act as a mentor and guide. Don’t hold the intern’s hand every step of the way, but make sure guidance is available when needed. “We received 1,200 to 1,500 reports from interns last year,” says Jago. “Those who are happiest are the ones who have somebody they can touch base with, someone they can ask questions.”

2. Remember, Interns Aren’t Leaders

Just because your intern has unique skills doesn’t mean they should take the lead on projects. An intern may be a master at crafting clever tweets, but that doesn’t mean she should be running your entire social media channel. Interns aren’t the pillars you build on, but pieces that can augment existing teams.

3. Follow the Rule of Three

Internships should be broken up into three separate parts: the tasks that must be completed in order to keep a business functioning, job shadowing and a guided personal project. This balance will allow the freedom and creativity that will keep interns engaged while providing a safety net for any stumbles along the way. But don’t demand too much: “What a Gen-Xer sees as a great opportunity, a Gen-Yer can see as exploitative,” says Jago.

The rest of the article can be found here.

Record month for internship postings


June has been a record breaking month for us in a bunch of different categories. One of them is in internship postings. Our company, Experience Education, offers a guaranteed placement service for internship students.  But it's not free, and for some people that's an issue. It's something we totally understand and sympathize with.  We've tried to help these students out by keeping our fees as low as possible, allowing them to be paid in installments, and arranging the internship schedules to allow for part time paid work in the evenings.  Still, to go that extra step and earn the tag line under our logo, we set up .  This is a free internship ads site, open to students from across Canada.

And this month has been a record month on - first in terms of web traffic, our first month above 10,000 hits on that site, and second and most importantly in the number of ads placed.  Pop over there now and you'll see 30 new ads this month for paid, virtual and unpaid internships (including one at our company).  Click on any of the ads and get detailed internship descriptions and contact information for how you can apply on your own.


Intern blog post : Benefits of doing an internship in numbers


So let’s start with the first thing every one of us has heard about before. Employers are looking beyond the GPA.

They are interested in experiences that set us apart from other applicants and make us even more outstanding. But how can we make ourselves exceptional? Doing an internship could be an opportunity – the chances of being hired after doing an internship are as high as 67%. It shows to a prospective employer that we are able to adapt to different environments easily, we are proactive about our career as well as that we are willing to learn.

I see it myself; an internship is a chance to learn what we were never taught while studying. Of course, we will need our knowledge and skills that we have learned in university but the internship is a way to put it all into practice. It is like a preparation for the “real world”. It is different from being a student but we will benefit from an internship in multiple ways. It gives us a new perspective, more self-confidence as well as it is an opportunity to see if we have chosen the right work field. It’s really worth trying since there is nothing to lose, only to win.

Source for internship statistics: National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) report: 2011 ‘Internship & Co-op Survey’