2015 Career College Programs

Experience Education has worked closely with schools across Canada to develop a suite of career college programs that match the needs of students, schools and regulatory bodies. We currently offer 4 different paid and unpaid programs for career colleges, programs which can be modified to fit into an existing program structure, or programs which schools can use to apply for provincial registration/accreditation.

Working with Experience Education

Key Benefits of EE Placement Services

  1. We give all schools, regardless of size, the ability to operate university-quality work experience programs
  2. No fixed costs or overhead costs
  3. Outsource an entire program, or use as needed
  4. Economies of scale improve placement quality, and keep prices low
  5. Canada's only national provider

Experience Education places students in practicums and coops. We get students ready for their placements with resume and interview preparation, and we monitor them and collect reports during their placements. We give schools of any size the opportunity to operate a work experience program on the scale of a major university, with no overhead or start-up costs, schools only pay when a student is placed in a coop or practicum. Schools can outsource their entire programs, or use our services to help them with groups or an unexpectedly high volume of students.

Since 2008, Experience Education has partnered with more than 30 schools, colleges, and universities across Canada and the United States and have placed more than 2,000 students. Economies of scale help increase the quality of placements - by retaining host companies which low volume in-house programs would lose touch with - and reduce costs.

Working with Experience Education is easy - we understand that school counselors are busy so we try and make registration as easy as possible, and we try to make our policies and procedures as clear and easy to understand as possible.  All of our manuals are online, please check the manuals below to see how easy it is to book a student with EE and see them placed.

For more information about working with us, please email: contact@experienceeducation.ca

Programs and Services

Experience Education offers 4 different programs for career college students. These include our practicum programs, coop program, and for students who are completing their studies - our Career Development Internship Program. Practicum and Coop Programs are billed to schools per student placed, while the CDIP is offered at no charge.

Unpaid Practicums (Practicum 1)

Unpaid practicums are an introductory work experience with a heavy emphasis on observation and projects. These practicums are unpaid because they are typically shorter, less involved with productive work, and open to students with less experience.

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Stipend-Paid Practicums (Practicum 2)

Stipend practicum programs are longer term unpaid practicums where the student receives a $200 per week living allowance from the host company. Stipend practicums are for students further along in their studies, or who have past work experience.

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Paid Coop

Co-Op placements are minimum-wage job placements done for a full semester between periods of study. Co-Op students take part in closely monitored and supported hands on work in their fields of study.

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Career Development Internships (CDIP)

The CDIP was created to help break the cycle of underemployment by placing grads in paid internships which help them gain experience, build their resumes, and start their careers.

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Other Services

In addition to our core programs, Experience Education also provides custom services to colleges, including arranging career fairs (pictured at the top of this page), guest speakers, class tours of work sites, and more.