Tour: 5 October, 2018 @ 2:00pm - Firefly Bicycles

About the Company

"Our work [at Firefly] draws on decades of experience designing, crafting, riding, and racing custom bicycles. Before Firefly, we helped shape some of the most revered small frame builders in the world, and, in the process, we helped to shape national and international cycling and bike culture. When we started Firefly, we had a clear vision of our ideal custom bicycle company, and we have maintained that vision ever since. Our focus is not only on building the best bikes in the world here in Boston - a city steeped in cycling tradition - but also on fostering a deeper connection between the rider and their bike by welcoming them into the process of designing and building it. Only custom can offer that connection.

We know you’ll appreciate the intelligence, passion, meticulous attention to detail and quality materials that go into every frame we make. We can’t wait to build your dream bike."


The tour will take place at 2:00pm on Friday the 5th of October.  The tour will be conducted by Kevin Wolfson. is contact is or 617-825-3473.


He will take the students for a tour of the facilities, discuss design, manufacturing processes and branding and then do a question and answer session. The tour will conclude at about 2:45pm.


Firefly is located at 117 Boston St, Boston, MA 02125. This location is accessible on public transport, with the trip taking about 20 minutes from LSI Boston.

The host company is expecting a small group of up to 5 students, as well as an instructor/guide from LSI. ID is not required.