Employment and Labour Standards

The employment standards acts linked to on this page only apply to students in paid casual work term programs, coop programs, and CDIP. Employment standards acts are different in each province. But the ESA's of BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec, each contain sections which exclude interns - which they sometimes call 'trainees' 'stagaires' or 'practicum students'. If you are in an SIP, CPP, or CDP program,the ESA's may not necessarily apply to you. For you, all of your rights and responsibilities in the workplace are instead described in your Practicum Placement Agreement. If you do not have a copy of your Practicum Placement Agreement, please contact your Experience Education coordinator, and they will send you a copy right away.

Employment standards include things such as minimum wage, hours of work, overtime, and holidays. These standards apply to students doing paid casual work terms, just the same as they would apply to a regular worker.

If you are in a paid casual work term program, it is your responsibility to read the ESA for the province in which you are working, and to learn about your rights and responsibilites as a worker.

Click on the name of the province (below) in which you are working to download the applicable ESA / LSA explainer.

British Columbia (including, Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler)

Alberta (including, Calgary, Banff, Jasper)

Ontario (including, Toronto, Mississauga, Niagara)

Quebec (including Montreal)