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Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5


Experience Education manages the coop, practicum, and internship programs for schools in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.

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Externship Program

Program Overview

The Externship Program is Experience Education’s unique career discovery tool for international students. Externships allow language school students to test drive a career, learn how it works in North America, and decide if it’s right for them.  

The Externship Program provides students with the opportunity to spend 2-4 weeks at a company paired with a professional in the student’s desired career field. At their Externship students will complete both Observation Tasks, and Collaboration Tasks, giving them a fuller understanding of how their career works & letting them develop their career-related language skills in an appropriate social context.

Key Points

  • unpaid workplace observation
  • placements available in all fields
  • made up of observation and collaboration tasks
  • duration of 2-4 weeks
  • placements can be full or part-time
  • no work permit is required (visit Immigration Canada website for more information)
  • program open to ESL students, high school students, and career college students

Why do an Externship?

The Externship program is designed with students at language schools in mind. Many of these students are in the first stage of a long period of studies, starting at language school, and then moving on to college or university. Before students commit to a major, and commit to working in North America long term, many feel the need to test the waters first - only in the Externship program can international language school students do this. In Externship they can see what their field is really like, see what North American work means, and see if then make an informed decision about studying and working in North America long term.

How is an externship different from an internship?

Both types of experiences see a student placed inside a company, with the goal of learning more about it. In an internship, students do hands-on work, participate in projects, and get very involved in the work of the company. However in an Externship, students primarily observe, complete observation tasks, and participate in limited but structured way. Internships range between 4 weeks and a semester, while Externships last from as little as a few days to no more than four weeks.

Placement Options

Externship placements are available in nearly all fields, including accounting, engineering, finance, hotels, law, marketing, and much more.

Hosting an Externship Student

Experience Education is always welcome to new host organizations for our students. For those interested in hosting an internship student, all of our standard hosting requirements apply, those can be seen by clicking here. But, besides these requirements there are two important special considerations when looking at taking on an Externship Student:

  • Insurance: Externship students are not covered by school or host company insurance policies. They are treated as guests to your workplace, and so should not be involved in any activities to which third party liability could apply.
  • Work Permits: special visas or work permits may not be required for Externship students, but only if their placement agreement is followed very closely. The placement agreement structures their time with you - it's important to follow this in detail, as it ensures they stay within the lines set by Immigration Canada.

For more information about hosting a student, please contact us.