The Student Internship Program

Experience Education are specialists in practicum co-op, and internship placements. Since our founding in 2008, we have placed more than two thousand students in internships in every field from engineering to finance, and more. In our Student Internship Program (SIP), we place students in unpaid internships or practicums for 4-16 weeks, and stipend-paid internships or practicums for 16 weeks and up. Students are matched with host companies in dozens of different fields including Healthcare Administration, Hotels, Information Technology, and Business Administration. Students in internship programs are eligible for stipends of up to $250 per week.


Internship Locations

Internships are done in cities across Canada. Do your practicum in your home town, or visit another part of Canada and do an internship there with support from our placement and accommodation services teams. Placements are available in any of the following cities.

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Vancouver, BC

Montreal, QC

Toronto, ON

Ottawa, ON


"Right at the beginning, they were open-minded and welcomed me with open arms. In my opinion that's just awesome. I have absolutely met my internship goals."

Sandra (Business Administration)

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Our programs

Student Internship Program

Complete unpaid and stipend-paid internships to meet academic requirements. Read More...

Paid Co-Op        Program

Fully-paid co-op placements organized and monitored, to meet college requirements. Read More...

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