When your interview is arranged, Experience Education will send you an email giving you details of the placement you are interviewing for, the date, the time, the name of the interviewer, directions – and finally the web address.  If you do not check your email regularly - including your spam filter - you may miss your interview, and lose out on one of your interview opportunities, so please be sure to check twice a day.

When you do receive interview notice, it will look something like this:

Sample Interview Notice


Hello Elizabeth,

How are you? I am writing to let you know that you will have an interview this Friday, May 14th at 2:30pm.  The interview will be with a company called Ersatz DW Co.  Ersatz DW is located in downtown Vancouver on 483 Granville Street.  Your interviewer’s name is Charlie – he is the company president.

You will be interviewing for an internship in graphic design.  You will help create logos on Adobe Illustrator based on artist drawings.  You will assist with the creation of posters and brochures, and you will edit the work of more senior designers.  You will work under close supervision of a graphic designer named Lola.

Before the interview, we want you to research the company very carefully.  Please visit www.ersatzdw.web.bc .  Make sure you understand who the company’s key products, who their customers are, how they make money, and how long they have been operating.

Here are the key points for your interview:

  • Interview Date: Friday 14 March

  • Interview Time: 2:30pm

  • Host Company: Ersatz DW Co. (www.ersatzdw.web.bc)

  • Interviewer Name: Charlie (nb: Lola may also attend)

  • Position: Graphic Design Intern

Please email me to confirm that you have received this.

Best regards,

John Smith, Practicum Coordinator


You will probably get this email 2 or 3 days before the actual interview (though it can be as little as a day in some cases).  Please use this time to research the host company website.  It will be important for you later.  A lot of the interview questions require that you know something about the company. 

Please note that at the end of the interview notice, the coordinator asks you to confirm that you have received the notice. If you do not confirm by phone or email, the coordinator may need to cancel your notice or give your slot to another person. Before doing this, they will try and call you - if you do not answer, and do not have voicemail, you will likely miss out on your interview.

Reviewing Your Interview Notice

Please check the notice carefully. Our coordinators do their best to ensure your interview is a match for your preferred fields, however sometimes you may feel that an interview being offered to you isn’t really in your field after all. If this is the case, let the coordinator know right away, so you can discuss it. Sometimes you may find, once you receive more information, that it is a good interview, sometimes you may find that it isn’t and so the interview will be cancelled.

If there is any reason you can’t attend, please tell your coordinator - the earlier you tell them, the easier it is for them to re-schedule. If your program has a maximum number of interview opportunities to attend, a missed interview will count as one of those opportunities.