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Our first practicum program of 2020 runs from January 20th to April 24th. We are looking for hosts for 17 students this semester. All students are in stipend-paid programs. Stipends are $250 per week, paid by host companies, along with a $75 per week student services fee. All students come from Fairleigh Dickinson University - a private university with about a thousand students in downtown Vancouver. This semester, students are looking for placements in Health Administration, Information Technology Administration, Marketing, Business Administration, and Human Resources. Scroll down to see if there’s a student who matches your needs. If you see a student or students who you feel could be a good fit at your company, use the ‘schedule an interview’ button below each section, or email us at .

Health Administration Students


“I am completing a Master’s Degree in Administrative Sciences with a specialization in Global Health and am looking for a health administration practicum a dental or medical clinic. I have worked in dentistry in India and am curious to learn more about how these management systems work in Canada. I have also completed a post graduate diploma in the field of Health System Management and feel I can use my experience to assist a clinic. In the workplace I am a quick learner, I love to help people, I have an outgoing personality, and I have good communication skills.”


“I am finishing a Master’s Degree of Administrative Sciences, specializing in Global Health and Human Services, and I am now looking to do a practicum work term. I am particularly interested in learning more about the administrative operations in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industries. I have experience working in quality control and I would like to learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge which I have acquired from school. In the workplace, I am an adaptive, exciting and enthusiastic person.”


“I am a student pursuing a Masters of Administrative Science in Global Health and Human Services and am currently looking for a practicum in the field of global health and human services. I am looking forward to applying my health background in a managed health organization so that I can bring administrative skills to my future employer. During my practicum, I would like to utilize my acquired knowledge in real work experience, learn specialized skills and collaborate with professionals. I also hope the experience will help me gain confidence and invaluable Canadian experience related to my career path. I have a true passion for helping and interacting with people in the health profession and in the workplace, and I am adaptable, self-motivated, flexible and hardworking.”


I am completing a Master’s Degree in Administrative Science with Global Health and Human Services as a specialization, and I am looking for an administrative practicum in the field. I have previous experience working in a hospital as a doctor and have some administrative experience as well, so I would like to use this opportunity to gain an insight into the healthcare industry here and learn new administrative skills to add to my professional skill set. In the workplace I am a quick learner and a self-motivated person.


I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree of Administrative Science, specializing in Global Health and Human Services and I am looking for an administrative practicum in the healthcare industry. I have previous experience working as a physiotherapist and I hope that this experience will allow me to improve my knowledge of administrative skills in the medical sector. In the workplace I am a sociable and creative person who is able to pick up new skills and tasks quickly.


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