Tour: 14 October, 2015 @ 4pm - COVALON

About the Company

Covalon is a materials producer that creates medical technology products and collaborates with other medical technology producers to combined their two products. From their website:

"Covalon uses science and technology to help solve major medical challenges associated with prevention, detection and management of areas such as infection, tissue repair, medical device biocompatibility, and condition management.

Our customized medical coatings deliver superior infection control, therapeutic delivery, and increased lubricity. Using our CovaCoat™ technology platform, we collaborate with customers to develop custom and proprietary medical device coatings that offer strategic marketing advantages for their product offerings.

Covalon develops sophisticated and “pro‐active” collagen technologies that create a catalyst for excellent tissue healing, superior infection control and improved patient outcomes. Our collagen technology can be customized to create unique advanced wound care, trauma and surgical repair products."

The Tour

The tour will take place at 4pm on Wednesday the 14th of October.  The tour will be conducted by John Hands, head of marketing at Covalon. John has lived and worked in Japan and speaks some Japanese.

He will take the students for a tour of the company, and then for a question and answer session. The tour will conclude at about 4.45pm.


Covalon is located at 1660 Tech Ave, Unit 5 in Mississauga. This location is accessible on public transport, with the trip taking about 70-80 minutes from LSI Toronto. Click here to see travel instructions.

The host company is expecting a small group of up to 5 students, as well as an instructor/guide from LSI. No ID is explicitly required, however we advise students to bring at least 1 piece of photo ID. When you arrive, please present yourself to reception, and John will meet you for the tour.