Student Services


Our student services team in Vancouver, and Montreal, are happy to help you with (almost) anything related to your internship, practicum or co-op work term. We're here to ensure that you have the best experience possible. During your placement process, we will help you with resume preparation, interview preparation, placement counseling, and provide you with regular updates on your placement search.

During your placement, our student services staff will be in contact with you to remind you about your internship reports, they will follow up on the contents of your reports, and they will visit you during your internship to make sure everything is OK. When your internship finishes, student services can also help you obtain a reference letter from your internship host.

If there are any problems during your placement, student services are the first people you should speak to - their full time job is to make sure you have a chance at a great internship, practicum, or co-op.



The first step in your co-op, practicum, or internship program is creating a resume. Experience Education will assist you with 1 to 1 support in creating a new resume, tailored for your placement search. Click below for instructions, a sample resume, and our resume template.



Learn about our interview preparation process, see sample questions and answers, and book your own 1 to 1 interview preparation session.



From time to time, conflicts may arise in your workplace. These can be small issues like scheduling, or a desire for additional duties, or it could be a serious issue like a personality conflict, or a deviation from the duties laid out in your placement agreement. Whatever the issue, we are there to help and solve the problem, or even move you to a new host company.



Your practicum, internship, or co-op program is governed by many different government rules and regulations. These rules and regulations govern what we at EE can do for you. While most of these rules affect your program without you even knowing it, there are two sets of rules you should make yourself aware of - rules relating to employment (such as break times), and rules relating to workplace safety. Use these links to learn more about each of those.