Guaranteed Internship Placements

The Student Internship Program gives you what you need to succeed in your academic internship*. We provide industry leading support services and guaranteed placement in your field of studied, in 11 different cities in the US and Canada.

With the Student Internship Program (SIP), you can be confident that you will be successfully placed in a rewarding, and educational internship.

Stipend Internships

Longer term and full time internships can impose a financial burden that keeps many students from taking advantage of the opportunity. To help ease those burdens, Experience Education arranges stipends of $200 per week for ALL students on internships of 12 weeks and longer. 

Placement Fields

More than 2000 students have done their internships with Experience Education, and at last count, they have worked in more than 100 different fields. Past students have done internships in fields as diverse as Chemical Engineering, Film, Accounting, Nuclear Medicine and many more. If you don't see your field listed on our application form, don't worry - it's almost certainly available.

Support Services

Once you register, our Student Services team will work with you on resume and interview preparation - giving you individual attention to ensure you're ready to pass your internship interview. After you are placed, Student Services is still with you, to monitor your placement, provide troubleshooting if needed, and help you with accommodation and insurance if requested.

Our Host Companies

Experience Education works with thousands of host companies across North America. Past students have worked with companies such as: Rogers Wireless, Scotiabank, RBC, the CN Tower, Manulife Financial, UPS, Amnesty International, Adecco, SNC Lavalin, the Federal Department of Justice, UBC Centre for Infectious Diseases, the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, HSBC, FedEx and many more.

We choose our host company partners carefully. Rather than look for open internship positions, we work with our host partners to create internships that include observation, hands-on, and project work. All host companies provide supportive, educational environments, and sign on to conflict resolution and monitoring policies that ensure you will spend your day learning, and not just making coffee.

How it Works

Once you are accepted into the SIP, our Student Services and Placement teams will begin working with you to help you prepare for an interview, and place you in a customized internship that meets your academic requirements.

In the first 2 weeks after registration, Student Services will help you prepare a resume, and practice your interview skills. When you've completed that, our Placement Team will send you an interview notice. Interviews can be in person or on Skype (depending on where you choose to do your placement). If you aren't successful on your first interview, don't worry, our placement team always has a backup available - and will continue providing you with interviews until you are placed.

Placement GuaranteeD

Once you are accepted into the Student Internship Program, your placement is guaranteed. This guarantee means that you will be placed in your chosen field(s) by your desired start date, or your program fees will be refunded.

More than 99% of Experience Education program participants are placed in their fields by their start dates. We are careful about who we select, meaning that almost all students are successfully placed, with no issues. For the 1% of students who are not placed by their start dates, they have the option to continue interviewing, or to withdraw with a full refund. Of those who continue interviewing - almost 100% are placed.

Start Dates & Requirements

Students can join the Student Internship Program at any time. Applications are accepted year round. Once your application is received, it will take on average, 4 weeks before your placement is confirmed.

The Student Internship Program is open to all Canadian or American post-secondary students who are required to do an internship as part of their program of studies. For students choosing to do their internships in another country, special visa requirements may apply.


Accommodation is an optional add-on to Experience Education's placement services. If you are doing an internship in another city, there are many online tools for you to use to find temporary accommodation. However if you want additional help we offer temporary and full-term accommodation in each of our destinations. Accommodation can include youth hostels, college dorms, homestay, or executive accommodation.

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Placements at home or across the country

  • Victoria, BC

  • Vancouver, BC

  • Calgary, Alberta

  • Toronto, Ontario

  • Ottawa, Ontario

  • Montreal, Quebec

  • Boston, MA

  • New York City, NY

  • Miami, FL

  • Washington, DC

  • San Francisco/Silicon Valley, CA

Experience Education provides internship placement services across the United States and Canada - we arrange placements and have host company partnerships in 11 different cities.

While most students choose to do their internship close to home, others look further afield. The Student Internship Program is designed to help both types of students. If you're doing your internship in another city, we are able to arrange your host company interviews via Skype, and we have optional temporary, or full-term accommodation services in each location.

If you're an American student looking to do an internship in Canada, or a Canadian looking to do an internship in the United States, we can help direct you to the correct visa providers who will help arrange the work permit for your stay.

Application Process & Fees

The Student Internship Program is open to current college students looking to do an internship of 4 weeks or longer. Internships between 4 and 11 weeks are unpaid, while those 12 weeks and longer receive a stipend. To apply, please fill out the application form below.  Once your application is received, it will be reviewed by an Experience Education staff member. If approved, you will receive an acceptance letter, and a link to pay a 'Student Services Fee' - payment of your student services fee confirms your participation in the SIP.

Once your acceptance is confirmed, our staff will contact you to arrange a Skype meeting, create an Internship Plan and start your placement process.

NB: Online applications are processed through our partner agency, Kwassen Student Programs.

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Placements of 16 weeks and longer qualify for a $200 per week stipend.
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* A note on terminology: the terms practicum and internship are used interchangeably on this site. Practicum is a technical term specific to some jurisdictions in Canada, and refers to, what in other jurisdictions is called an internship - i.e. a period of unpaid or paid workplace training, connected to a program of studies.