Tour: 28 September, 2018 @ 2pm - Nova Product Development Services

About the Company

"Nova Product Development Services Ltd. was established in 1993 to provide quality rapid prototyping (additive manufacturing) to a variety of clients. They offer clients the most modern prototyping services available. They use a variety of methods to rapidly produce prototypes, including 3D Printing, hand made models, fused deposition modeling, stereolithography, selective laser sintering, and more."


The Tour

The tour will take place on Friday, September 28th at 2 pm at the Nova Rapid Product Development offices in Toronto, Ontario. Ask for Garry upon arrival, who will be giving the tour.

He will take the students for a tour of the company and then for a question and answer session. The tour will conclude at about 2.45pm.


Nova Product Development Services is located at 7 Labatt Ave, Suite 109, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1Z1. This location is accessible via public transit, with the trip taking about 30 minutes from LSI in Toronto

The host company is expecting a small group of up to 6 students, as well as an instructor/guide from LSI. No ID is required.