The Roundcreek Farm

The Roundcreek Farm is a hobby farm, focused on raising horses and chickens and is located near Red Deer Alberta. It covers 6 acres, plus a quarter acre section down the road that is used as pasture. Animals on the farm include horses, heritage birds (chickens and turkeys), 2 cats and one dog. There is a large ranch area as well as a small family garden. Here is how the family describes their farm:

"We (Vicki, Curtis, Weston, and Stratton) are a small, family run hobby farm here in the beautiful Raven River area , just west of Spruce View, Alberta.  We enjoy the good life , home on the range, taking care of our 2 boys and our animals. We have raised , shown and sold horses and chickens for many years with great success and much pleasure!  Over the last few years we have downsized as we have discovered the travel bug!  Before when we were breeding horses, it was " hard to leave the farm" ! We are just enjoying the horses for pleasure now and not breeding anymore. We keep rare heritage breeds of chickens for our enjoyment and occasionally have chicks for sale. We supply heritage ranch's with critters for their displays, and try to help out  local schools with chicks and eggs."

Red Deer, Alberta

Red Deer, Alberta is situated in the traditional territory of the Cree, Blackfoot, and Stoney First Nations - and later on the Metis people. They call the region around Red Deer - 'Waskasoo Seepee'. The phrase means 'Elk River', but early colonists confused what the indigenous people called 'Elk' with what they called 'Red Deer' - hence the name of the city. Local native peoples now sometimes refer to the city as 'mihkwâpisimosos' which means 'red type of deer' in a reversal of the name confusion. Click here to learn more about the native people of this region.

Red Deer was founded by settlers and traders in the late 1800's and is known for its fertile farming and ranching lands. Since its founding, Red Deer has grown to become Alberta's third largest city, home to more than 100,000 people.

Red Deer clusters around the Red Deer River, which itself traverses this region of dry rolling hills, flat plains, and farm and ranch land.

What to Expect at the Roundcreek Farm

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All farmstay volunteers will live with the family in a private room.  Each room comes equipped with bedding and access to wifi. All meals are provided by the family.

Farmstay volunteers are asked to help out for about 6 hours per day. This is done between 8.30am and the early evening - with specific hours determined by the temperature, the hotter the day, the earlier work starts.

Possible farmstay volunteer duties include:

  • working outdoors
  • assisting with daily animal feeding and cleaning
  • riding horses and exercising them
  • establish and tend to vegetable garden
  • weeding garden
  • watering the garden
  • cutting the grass
  • painting around the farm (if needed)

Experience Education Services

We at Experience Education have matched you with this farmstay, based on the preferences you indicated in your registration documents. In the email that directed you to this web page you will find an attached bus ticket and letter. The bus ticket will take you to the Roundcreek Farm, and the instructions will give you more detailed transportation directions, and contact information for Vicki and Curtis.

During your placement we would like you to complete a report each 1-2 weeks. This is optional - but it is an important tool to help us keep track of how you are doing. You can complete those reports by clicking here.

If there are any urgent issues during your transfer to the farm or during your stay, please call: 1.877.795.8403, and dial 717 for our emergency line.

We wish you the best of stays at the Roundcreek Farm.