Tour: 7 October, 2016 @ 2.30pm - UC Berkeley, Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

About the Company

"Standing nearly on top of the Hayward Fault, the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory (BSL) provides robust hazard information while engaging in essential geophysical research. Throughout the BSL's long history of innovation (described below), beginning with the 1897 installation of the first seismograph in the western hemisphere, our commitment to probing the Earth's deepest secrets has remained unchanged.

Mission of the BSL

Fundamental research: Support fundamental research into all aspects of earthquakes, solid earth processes, and their effects on society through the collection, archival, and delivery of high quality geophysical data and through fostering a dynamic research environment that connects researchers across disciplines and to geophysical observations systems.

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Hazard information: Provide robust and reliable real-time data and information on Northern California earthquakes to government, public, and private institutions, and to the public, in partnership with the US Geological Survey, CalEMA and other collaborating institutions.

Broad education: Enable the broad consumption of earthquake information and solid earth science through education and outreach to all sectors of society. Educate and train students at all levels through classes and research opportunities."


The tour will take place at 2.30pm on Friday the 7th of October.  Noah will meet the group outside of McCone Hall near the North Gate entrance side of campus. If there is any difficulty in finding Noah, please call 510-642-3977. The tour will be conducted by a graduate student Named Qingkai Kong. They are working on the MyShake App Project (pictured right). They will take the students for a tour of the company, and then for a question and answer session. The tour will conclude at about 4.00pm.


UC Berkeley's Seismological Laboratory is located at 307 McCone Hall #4760, Berkeley CA 94720-4760. This location is walkable from LSI, with the trip taking about 15 minutes. Click here to see travel instructions.

The host company is expecting a small group of up to 6 students, as well as an instructor/guide from LSI. No ID is explicitly required, however we advise students to bring at least 1 piece of photo ID.