Welcome Sprott Shaw College

This page will guide you through the work flow for registering a student with Experience Education. Registrations should be done at least 8 weeks before a student is scheduled to begin their co-op placement, to ensure their on-time placement.

If you have any questions, please email us, or call 1.877.795.8403 extension 700.

For after-hours emergencies, please call 1.877.795.8403 and use extension 717.


Download Registration Forms

For each placement , please complete the attached registration form, and have the student read and sign the EE program terms and conditions.


Submit Registration Forms to EE

Please send the registration form and the signed signature page of program terms and conditions to EE at: contact@experienceeducation.ca

In the body of the email please show the students legal name (please do not use nicknames), their email address, their co-op start date, and their co-op end date.

If there are any special circumstances for the file, such as the student being a VIP, or being on academic probation, please indicate that in this email.

If the student has any special needs or needs a religious accommodation, please submit a Reasonable Accommodation Form with the booking. This is an optional form and is only required if the student has one of the above needs.


Consultation meeting & Welcome Email

After receiving the registration, EE student services (cathy@experienceeducation.ca) will contact the student and invite them for an in-person or Skype consultation. This meeting will allow us to better understand their preferences, and help counsel them on the best types of placements for them. This is a key point in expectations management.

Following that meeting, EE student services will send a 'Welcome Email' to the student, summarizing the consultation and presenting them with a resume template. Your school's contact person will be cc'd on the Welcome Email, allowing you to confirm that the booking has been successfully processed.


Student Services & Placement Process

Following the consultation meeting, EE completes a student services process with each student to assist them with resume and interview preparation. This is done over a 2-3 week period. Once this process is completed, the file is moved over to the placement team.

Our placement team lead works with our co-op coordinators and our co-op support office to arrange interviews for your students, and to ensure they are placed. Interviews take place between weeks 4 and 7 of their pre-placement period.


Placement Approval

Once a placement is confirmed our Compliance Officer will prepare Sprott Shaw Job Description Forms and Host Agreements and send them to you for approval. Agreements can be amended if required and students can be re-placed if required. Once placements are approved, signed agreements are filed on a shared network drive, which each Sprott Shaw representative can access with a Gmail or Google Business Apps account.


Placement Monitoring

During the placement process our Compliance Officer will ensure each student completes their required Sprott Shaw reports. Each two weeks, the Compliance Officer will send the

school a summary of reports; and highlight any delinquent files. All reports are stored on the shared network drive, and can be accessed using the button below. If you have not registered with EE to access the network drive, please click the button below and then choose the 'Request Access' option.