Thank-You For your Internship Application

Thank-you for applying to Experience Education's Student Internship Program (SIP). We are working to process your application as quickly as possible. Program admission offers are made to more than 75% of qualifying applicants. Please allow 3 business days for a reply to your application. If you don't see a reply in that time, please check your spam filter.


Application Review

Once your application is received it is give a close review. We check to see that you are doing an internship for academic credit, that your placement is possible given your visa status, and that your expectations are in line with what is offered in the program. Once application review is complete, we will reply to you to give you a conditional acceptance into the Student Internship Program.


Confirmation & Fees

The next step in your application process is a conditional acceptance from Experience Education. This will be sent to you by email within 3 business days. In this email we will request proof that your internship is a requirement of your studies. Once proof is supplied, we will then give you a full acceptance, and request payment for half of your student services fee of $500.


Placement Process Starts

Once your application has been approved, you have sent in proof that your internship is required, and you have paid your program deposit, your program officially starts and Experience Education will start your placement process. This begins with a meeting with our Student Services Team, where we will discuss your placement needs in more detail and go over your Internship Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wasn't my application accepted?

Most commonly an application is rejected because you have indicated that the internship is not a required part of your course of studies. Due to employment rules in both Canada and the United States, we are only able to accept applications from students who are doing an internship as a requirement of their studies.

Why didn't I qualify for a stipend?

Stipends are restricted to students doing placements of 12 weeks or longer. If you have indicated that your placement is fewer than 12 weeks, a stipend will not be offered.

I am an international student, can I apply for the Student Internship Program?

If you are an international student at a Canadian or American university or college, yes, you can apply for this program.

I am a student at a university in Europe and will apply for an International Experience Canada (IEC) work permit; can Experience Education help me get an internship offer?

Yes, though as there are different host requirements for placements done on an IEC work permit, the program available to you is different from the one offered to Canadian and American students. All applications from IEC students are forwarded to our European partner agencies who will assist you in completing your booking for the IEC-version of the Student Internship Program. NB: Fees are different in the IEC-friendly version of the program.

Can Experience Education find me an internship host who will sponsor my work permit application?

If you qualify to participate in the International Experience Canada exchange program, then yes, we will help find a host who will sponsor your work permit application. If you are using any other class of work permit, then unfortunately no, we are not able to assist. Please visit the Immigration Canada website for more information about the International Experience Canada program.

How much are the fees for the Student Internship Program?

There are two fees for participation in the Student Internship Program: the $250 Student Services Fee, and the $250 Monitoring and Compliance Fee. The Student Services Fee is non-refundable and is due when you are accepted into the program. The Monitoring and Compliance Fee is due when your internship placement is confirmed and approved by your college or university.

How can I prove that my internship is a requirement of my studies?

Experience Education accepts a broad range of documents to meet this requirement. In the past we have accepted the following proofs: a letter from a career services advisor, a copy of the curriculum and a print out showing that the student was enrolled and scheduled to do an internship in the upcoming term, a phone call or email from a college or university advisor, a copy of a co-op work permit.