Thistle Farm

The Thistle Farm is a small 10-acre organic farm in the city of Kamloops, BC (population 100,000). The Thistle Farm grows a range of fruits and vegetables such as onions, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, corn (maize), and apples, and is home to people, chickens, geese, dogs and cats.

The Thistle Farm is home to Deborah Kellog and Dieter Dudy. Dieter's mother lives on the farm, as does a family friend. The farm is located at 710 Dairy Rd, Kamloops, BC V2B 8N5. The family often has guests including other farmstay volunteers.

Kamloops, BC

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Kamloops, BC is situated in the traditional territory of the Secwepemc First Nation - also called the Shuswap People.  Kamloops" is the Anglicized version of the Shuswap word "Tk'əmlúps", meaning 'meeting of the waters'.

The Shuswap People are still present on part of their territories in Kamloops, in the First Nations community ofTk'emlúps.  Click here to learn more about the native people of this region.

Kamloops was reached by European settlers in 1812. They shortly thereafter founded Fort Shuswap. Kamloops grew throughout the fur trade and gold rush and was finally incorporated as a city in 1898.  The city developed as a resource centre, which it still largely is today, with mining and wood processing major employers in the area. It is also home to Thompson Rivers University - a medium sized public university with a large international student body.

Kamloops is located in a dry region with very hot summers, and cold, snowy winters. It is a region of hills and canyons, and is an excellent spot for hiking and excursions.

Kamloops has no daily newspaper, but it has the weekly paper, This Week. It also has one local TV station, CFJC. Being home to 100,000 - Kamloops has many of the amenities of a major city, including public transport, nightclubs, shopping, and junior league hockey, football, and soccer teams.

NB: Kamloops is 350km from Vancouver, 600km from Calgary.

What to Expect at thistle Farm

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All farmstay volunteers will live with the family and will usually have a private room - in some cases where there are other volunteers present, this room will be shared with someone of the same gender.  Each room comes equipped with bedding and access to wifi. All meals are provided by the family.

Farmstay volunteers are asked to help out for about 6-8 hours per day. This is done between 7.30am - and 7.30pm - with specific hours determined by the temperature.

Possible farmstay volunteer duties include:

  • working outdoors
  • assisting with daily chicken feeding and cleaning
  • establish and tend to vegetable garden
  • weeding garden
  • assisting with farm market
  • assisting with kitchen duties from time to time

Experience Education Services

We at Experience Education have matched you with this farmstay, based on the preferences you indicated in your registration documents. During the first week of January, we will do an orientation session with you, and give you a bus ticket and a letter with instructions. The bus ticket will take you to the Thistle Farm from Vancouver, and the instructions will give you more detailed transportation directions, and contact information for Dieter.

During your placement we would like you to complete a report each 1-2 weeks. This is optional - but it is an important tool to help us keep track of how you are doing. You can complete those reports by clicking here.

If there are any urgent issues during your transfer to the farm or during your stay, please call: 1.877.795.8403, and dial 717 for our emergency line.

We wish you the best of stays at the Thistle Farm.