Career-Focused Charitable Volunteering

The Voluntern Program is our most open and accessible work experience program. Designed in partnership with registered charities, and First Nations, Voluntern is open to students and young workers from around the world. We provide industry leading support services and guaranteed placement in your field in 6 different cities across Canada.

With the Voluntern Program, you can be confident that you will be successfully placed in a rewarding, and career focused volunteer experience.

Why Voluntern?


Longer term and full time internships can impose a financial burden that keeps many students from taking advantage of the opportunity. To help lighten those burdens, Experience Education arranges stipends of $200 per week for ALL students on internships of 16 weeks and longer. 


More than 2000 students have done their practicums and internships with Experience Education, and at last count, they have worked in more than 100 different fields. Past students have done internships in fields as diverse as Chemical Engineering, Film, Accounting.


Once you register, our Student Services team will work with you on resume and interview preparation - giving you individual attention to ensure you're ready to pass your internship interview. After you are placed, Student Services is still with you, to monitor your placement, provide troubleshooting if needed, and help you with accommodation and insurance if requested.

Volunteer Placement Fields

Voluntern placements can be done in almost any field, including: social work, psychology, fundraising, 

How it Works

Once you are accepted into the SPP, our Student Services and Placement teams will begin working with you to help you prepare for an interview, and place you in a customized internship that meets your academic requirements.

In the first 2 weeks after registration, Student Services will help you prepare a resume, and practice your interview skills. When you've completed that, our Placement Team will send you an interview notice. Interviews can be in person or on Skype (depending on where you choose to do your placement). If you aren't successful on your first interview, don't worry, our placement team always has a backup available - and will continue providing you with interviews until you are placed.

Placement GuaranteeD

Once you are accepted into the Student Practicum Program, your placement is guaranteed. This guarantee means that you will be placed in your chosen field(s) by your desired start date, or your program fees will be refunded.

More than 99% of Experience Education program participants are placed in their fields by their start dates. We are careful about who we select, meaning that almost all students are successfully placed, with no issues. For the 1% of students who are not placed by their start dates, they have the option to continue interviewing, or to withdraw with a full refund. Of those who continue interviewing - almost 100% are placed.

Start Dates & Requirements

Students can join the Voluntern Program at any time. Applications are accepted year round. Once your application is received, it will take on average, 6 weeks before your placement is confirmed. The Voluntern Program is open to all people with an intermediate or higher level of English or French, who have the means to volunteer full-time for 4 weeks or longer.

Work Permits

Work permits are typically required for placements in the Voluntern Program. Experience Education will direct you to the correct work permit application information, and ensure that host organizations provide you with supporting documentation for you to apply for your work permit when you arrive in Canada. This is a fast and easy process, done at the border, and at no cost. 

Placement Locations

  • Victoria, BC
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Montreal, Quebec

Experience Education arranges Voluntern placements across Canada, with all services available in 6 different cities. Placements can be done in English in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto, in French in Montreal, and in either (or both) languages in Ottawa.

Experience Education offers arrival packages in each destination, including airport reception, first night's accommodation, as well as add-on homestay.  If you choose to find your own accommodation, our Student Services staff are here to give you advice and support.

Application Process & Fees

The Voluntern Program is open to citizens of any country who are available to volunteer in Canada full-time for a period of 4 weeks or longer. Once your acceptance is tentatively confirmed, our staff will contact you to arrange a Skype meeting to verify your application, and start your placement process.

Program fees are due on acceptance in the program, and cover resume and interview preparation, guaranteed placement, required immigration documentation from host organizations. Fees do not include accommodation, meals, or transportation.

Applications take 72 hours to process. To follow up on the status of your application, please email . Applications from Europe are forwarded to, Latitude International Education to process on our behalf. 

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