Working Holiday Advantage in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal

Canada is ski hills, wild nature, and an exciting opportunity to experience North America. Start your Canadian working holiday in Vancouver, on the Pacific Ocean, with beaches and Olympic ski runs both a few minutes from your home. Start in Toronto, one of North America’s largest cities, with some of the best nightlife, and just a short bus ride to Niagara Falls. Start in Montreal, the largest French-speaking city in the Americas, and see why this is where New Yorkers go to get wild. You can make your Canadian experience almost anything - it starts with a little planning.

Experience Education’s ‘Working Holiday Advantage’ Program is possibly the most important part of your planning. Sign up for the Working Holiday Advantage Program and receive:

  • One-to-one resume and interview prep

  • Job search support

  • 3 days accommodation on arrival

  • SIM card and Canadian phone number arranged before you arrive

  • Monthly orientation sessions where you receive info and help on your SIN tax card, bank account opening, and more

  • Access to a computer lab, wifi, and printers

  • Busy activities schedule

Job Search Support

As part of the Working Holiday Advantage Program, Experience Education helps you find a job. We work with you to prepare you to search, we help you direct your search, and we speak to employers for you and where possible, help arrange interviews.

For one month before you arrive in Canada, and one month after, Experience Education is right next to you, helping you find a job opening in a restaurant, cafe, resort, or labour.

Does Experience Education guarantee me a job?

We guarantee you help and support in finding a job. Each year we arrange more than a thousand interviews for international students and working holidaymakers, more than 90% of whom are matched with a host company or employer by their desired start date.

No agency can guarantee you a job. Legally. The law in Canada isn’t ambiguous about that. If you see another working holiday agency offering you a guaranteed job, be very careful when dealing with them.


Renting an apartment without seeing the place, the neighbourhood, or meeting your flatmates, is risky. As part of the Working Holiday Advantage Program, we arrange accommodation for your first 3-nights in Canada giving you time to get settled, oriented and find something in person.

All accommodation is at specially selected youth hostels. It's a long flight, so rather than a party hostel, we choose youth hostels where you can relax and sleep. We visit each hostel in person to make sure that it's in a safe neighbourhood, it's friendly, and close to transportation.


In each of our destinations, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal - Experience Education is partnered with a school that gives you access to computer labs, wifi, printers - and activities. Our local partners in each city are international schools that host young, twenty-something short term students. Their activities are your activities, and include things such as pub nights, movie nights, trips to New York, Whistler, and the Rockies. Many activities are free, some come with a surcharge. Participating in activities will give you the chance to make friends from around the world.



Orientation Sessions

Each month, Experience Education conducts orientation sessions for Working Holidaymakers in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. During your orientation session you will learn about the legalities of working in Canada, you'll be given information on how to get your SIN card, open a bank account, advice on the city, advice on job searching, and a walking tour of the city centre. It's all the essentials, boiled down into two hours - so you can take full advantage of your new setting.

2015 orientation sessions take place on: February 4, March 4, April 8, May 6, June 3, July 8, August 6, September 9, October 7, and November 4. 

Work Permits

To participate in the Working Holiday Advantage Program in Canada, you must obtain a Working Holiday Permit from the Canadian Government. Your participation in the Working Holiday Advantage Program has no connection to your work permit application, and registering in this program does not guarantee you a work permit.

To learn more about the Government of Canada's working holiday permits, click here if you are from Australia, and click here if you are from New Zealand.

How do I sign up?

To register for the Working Holiday Advantage Program, please fill out the form below. After receiving your application, EE will review it and confirm your acceptance. In some cases, we may request a Skype interview to confirm application details.

Once you are accepted, please pay your program deposit in order to start your placement process.